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Smart GlowTube Clock

Smart GlowTube Clock

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Smart GlowTube Clock

Short Description: Introducing the Smart GlowTube Clock - a DIY analog-digital masterpiece that combines the charm of nixie tubes with the brilliance of RGB LED glows. Featuring a vibrant IPS color screen, this clock transforms your space into a mesmerizing display of colors, making it an ideal night light or gaming desktop decoration. Unlock the perfect blend of retro aesthetics and modern LED technology with this unique DIY clock that also makes for a thoughtful home decoration and gift idea.

Product Name: Smart GlowTube Clock- FAQs

Short Description: Explore the features and troubleshooting tips for theSmart GlowTube Clock with our frequently asked questions (FAQs). From language settings to connectivity issues and display concerns, find all the answers you need to make the most of your Glow Tube experience.


Q1: Is English supported in the app? A1: Yes, English is supported. Adjust your phone system language, reopen the app, and it will display in your preferred language.

Q2: How to link to the network? A2: To connect, disable your 5G data network and use a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. The product is compatible only with 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Q3: What if the app doesn't send the six-digit code? A3: If the verification code is not received, contact via email. Alternatively, check for updates and switch to version 1.09 to set up through experience mode without logging in.

Q4: What if the light doesn't display after power on or shows a black screen? A4: If the display is slow to respond, plug the Type-C interface back in to restore normal operation.

Q5: How to fix weather and time not showing? A5: a. Set the weather location first; b. Synchronize weather time.

Glow Tube Operation Videos: Explore detailed function operations through our video tutorials:

  1. Video 1
  2. Video 2
  3. Video 3
  4. Video 4

Experience the full potential of your Smart Glow Tube with these helpful FAQs and instructional videos.

Product name: IPS TUBE

Screen: 1.14 inches, 178-degree color screen

Resolution: 135*240DPI

Input voltage: DC 5V

Power interface: TYPE-C

Material base: Aluminum alloy

Glass tube: Quartz glass

【IPS Tube Clock Support 12/24h Format】IPS Tube clock support to Wi-Fi time calibration and switch between 12 hours to 24 hours setting. A huge library of dial styles is at your disposal, or you can DIY the settings to your liking.


【Powerful Function Combination】: In addition to the clock function, the product also features a multimedia electronic album and weather mode. Users can upload photos to create an electronic album, conveniently browse precious memories, and quickly access daily weather information.


【High-Quality Visual Experience】: With a 1.14-inch IPS display and a high-definition resolution of 135x240, the product delivers an exceptional visual experience. Users can enjoy clear and lifelike displays, where every detail is easily visible.

【Convenient User Experience】: No assembly required, the product is delivered as a finished product. Made with a one-piece formed aluminum alloy material, it boasts a power-off memory function that retains the settings, eliminating the need for reconfiguration after shutdown.


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