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VerdeLume: Nature-Inspired Glow

VerdeLume: Nature-Inspired Glow

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"VerdeLume: Nature-Inspired Glow"

Description: Illuminate your living space with the serene glow of VerdeLume, an intricately crafted USB-powered luminous sculpture inspired by the tranquility of nature. With USB convenience, energy-efficient LED lamps, and a delicately designed silhouette, VerdeLume allows you to shape a bespoke light, creating an intimate ambiance that mirrors the calming presence of the natural world.

Key Features:

  • USB-Powered Luminosity: VerdeLume operates gracefully on USB, offering the flexibility to place it effortlessly wherever you desire. Connect it to computers, laptops, power banks, or any USB-enabled device using the included USB cable.

  • Nature-Inspired LED Radiance: Revel in the soft and warm glow of nature-inspired LED lamps, casting a refined and inviting ambiance that echoes the tranquility of the outdoors.

  • Delicately Designed Silhouette: VerdeLume features a delicately designed silhouette inspired by nature, infusing a touch of woodland charm into your living space. Place it strategically to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

  • Customizable Luminescence: Sculpt your exclusive light by bending the branches into personalized shapes, allowing you to curate an intimate and artistic atmosphere that mirrors your unique style.


  • USB port
  • Control mode: switch
  • Material: PP + resin
  • Light color: warm white
  • Height: 33cm

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